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‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 trailer has Dropped and WAR is on the horizon!!

The Mandalorian season 3 trailer is here! Let’s break it down, here’s what we know!
Din djarin and Grogu are back for a new adventure! A clan of two! We start off with some flash backs to scenes in the prior two seasons where we are reminded that Din is no longer accepted as a true Mandalorian by his peers. This is due to the past removal of his helmet, being a cardinal sin in the eyes of Din’s tribe.

The Armorer:“But you have removed your helmet, then you are a Mandalorian no more.”

Din and Grogu go off on their own path  speeding through galaxy in the Razor crest 2.0, a heavily modified N-1 Naboo star fighter, finding themselves in dog fights, dodging asteroids.

Further into the trailer, we find Mandalorian clans seem to be or soon to be clashing in a scene where a team of Mandalorians are air dropped into combat, using their jet packs to descend into a city in a Halo jump fashion.

We catch back up with Bo katan, looking very menacing. She and Din share a conversation, where she goes as far as to refer to Din’s tribe as a “Cult” and accuse them of fracturing the Mandalorian people as a whole. The tension in that room is so thick you could cut it with a Dark Saber….

Bo Katan:
“Your cult… Fractured our people. Where were you then?”

Things between Bo and Din seem to be reaching a boiling point, as Din won the Dark Saber in battle, placing him directly in the way of Bo’s destiny and painting a rather large target on his back.

Does this mean WAR? All we do know is that Din and Grogu are neck deep in problems and they will need to call on old friends to help them get out of this fight in one piece!