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‘The Last Stand’ Sound Off and Review!


Contributor, Giovanni, has sent us a review for the action film The Last Stand .  Read it then tell us what you thought of the film.

The Last Stand Review by Giovanni.

Kim Ji-woon and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Stand was a great way to start this year with such an amazingly fun, funny, action packed and well made return for my childhood hero. The moment Arnold made his first appearance on-screen, I felt like a little kid watching an “Arnold” movie. To say I grew up watching his films would be an understatement. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s… Arnold movies were a great part of my childhood. Every time a new “Arnold” movie came out I had to rush out to see it. If it was on cable or the video store… i had to pick up and re watch it. As a teenager, I started rushing out to the movie theater to see it them and just feeling my childhood was still alive when I watched his movies. Here, Arnold doesn’t just return but he comes in with guns blazing. What really made this film even more important is that Arnold was working with director Kim Ji-Woon… who is one of the most important film makers today. The man is a master story-teller, film maker, artist and embraces genre cinema. He’s done horror, crime, a Korean western, a wrestling movie and serial killer thriller. But even though he works in different genres, he treats all of them with the most care and masterfully tells them.

The Last Stand is no different. I respect Woon for bring his long time DP,Kim Ji-yong (DP of A Bittersweet Life) to his Hollywood picture and unlike other Asian film makers and stars, who rarely pick good films to be in (Jakie Chan… cough) Woon was the perfect film maker to bring this modern western to life. Woon injects this film with such genre goodness that it’s works because he knows what kind of movie this is. It’s a fast paced action movie with Arnold. Instead of trying to make this film overly serious (fast and furious films cough) he has as much fun with this film as possible. He keeps the camera and editing fast and following, the camera work is amazingly well done (I love how he finds new ways of shooting scenes) and keeps the film alive by making it funny whenever possible. The action is over the top and exciting. Seriously this film is comedic and had me laughing with it, instead of at it like so many films do these days, and this is a perfect return for Arnold. Arnold is back and he still holds his own. i loved the fact that they knew his character was not a young man anymore but instead of having him doing kung fu or some bad type of hip fighting style (I still got love for you Steven Seagal lol) but instead uses his size, power and will to make up for the fact that he’s not young anymore… but he will fight and not give up.

The supporting casts are funny and just as fun as the film. The film isn’t the most original film ever made and it’s not suppose to be and doesn’t try to be that kind of him. This film is a fun, violent time at the movies and a great return to form for Hollywood action films. With so many action films now trying to look like bad “Michael Bay” films with too much CGI, too much music video style and too much showman ship. The Last Stand takes action back to its roots, has fun with a simple story and does a great job of telling it.

I’ve heard people moan that this is Woon’s weakest film but that only because they’re judging it by his last film, which is a different genre, this film called for a different kind mood and style. Not all his films have to be like I Saw the Devil… he can have fun with a film and there’s nothing wrong with that. This film is another reason why I am a lifelong Arnold fan because while some kids cheer for their favorite sports hero… i cheer when i see Arnold kick ass and take down names… then add it’s directed by my favorite Korean director. Awesome. GO SEE IT :)LOVED IT