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LSS1_BD_3DTNT’s The Last Ship earned Basic Cable’s #1 New Series of 2014 and now you get to own the complete first season on Blu-ray and DVD, June 9.

The Last Ship¬†starring Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra and Adam Baldwin, is based on the novel written by William Brinkley, of the same name. The series follows a global pandemic which has infected about 80 percent of the world. And no, it’s not another zombie outbreak. This virus just violently kills people and is contagious simply by just breathing it in. The Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James, is the world’s last hope in finding a cure for the virus. The crew members of the ship initially went out to the Arctic for other reasons than finding a cure. At the time, they did not know that there was such a virus causing catastrophe back on land. When they find out what they were really sent out for, they realize that this is their most important and dangerous mission yet.

The series is all about tension, drama and action. With every episode, the danger and action ramp up more and more. Other than the crew facing the virus head on while trying to come up with a cure, they also have to face the Russian military, finding safe territory, gun fights with Al-Qadea and even deal with drug lords. At times, the dialogue has cheesy one liners but the action is really good and makes up for it. Because of the drama and action, you can probably even just look past the occasional one-liners that sound like something from an 80’s action film.

Special Features

After you have watched all ten drama-filled, action-packed 44 minute episodes, there is even more to watch. The special features include commentaries, the filmed 2014 Comic-Con panel, the making of the series, prequels to the origin of the virus and plenty more. It’s quite a lot of content for a blu-ray collection and it’s always nice to get more for what you pay.


The Blu-ray comes in a foiled cardboard slip which covers the plastic blu-ray case. It gives the collection a lot more spunk and looks pretty cool.


This is definitely a collection for the action buffs and those that love movies dealing with a global epidemic. It’s a refreshing take at an global outbreak. I like the idea of it not being another zombie outbreak type of catastrophe and the fact that a lot of it takes place on the sea makes it different. I commend William Brinkely on that. The collection is quite pricey for the two disc blu-ray set, which is $49.99. Though, it also comes with a digital HD code to watch it wherever you are. When it comes to the price of a TV series collection, TV series collections seem to be around this price depending on if they are a 22 minute show or a 44 minute show and based on how many episodes it consists of. The DVD 3 disc set runs for $39.98.

I give this collection 6 Fridges out of 10.