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The Internet makes ‘The Little Mermaid’ White and Twitter EXPLODES!!!


Twitter EXPLODES as VFX account generates a cartoon accurate rendition of ‘The Little Mermaid’ in the recently released live action film teaser trailer, resulting in BANNED accounts!

In light of the unprecedented backlash from casting Halle Bailey in the title role and 1 and a half million down votes on youtube in the first 48 hours of the teaser’s release. Which is enough to make any hollywood executive start sweating! Fans of the original animated film on twitter took action. They proceeded to “deep fake” a more accurate face over the face of actress Halle Bailey. Some of the more “Purists” in fan base of the original animated film priased the work, while others unsurprisingly were not too pleased.

Twitter accounts @10GazillionIQ and @Vandalibm were both suprisingly suspended in the aftermath the post. However, Twitter has yet to comment on exactly what terms of service they were in violation of.

The release of this content has resulted in an uproar of the fan base, a majority calling for a more animated film accurate actress to be cast, while others are happy with Disney’s reimagining of the character.  Does this mean Disney may be recasting the lead actress!?! It’s not entirely clear what Disney intends to do about this, recast or stay the course. Anything can happen between now and release.

But, one thing we can be sure of, Halle Bailey is a talented actress and will do a great job in the roll if Disney decides to stick with the her. We can’t wait to see where this goes! Stay tuned for updates on the situation!