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The Hylain Shield Edition New 2ds XL Is Coming And It’s Beautiful!

Nintendo of America has officially announced their most recent addition to the 3DS family. The Hylian Shield Edition of the New 2DS XL is coming and it’s beautiful!


The unit its-self features a design aimed at recreating the famous shield that appears in (almost) every zelda game. The accents around the unit feature a 3ds effect that portrude off of the 2DS its-self.

This beauty is available for $159.99 exclusively from GameStop. The 2DS also includes a downloaded copy of A Link Between Worlds, one of the best games available on the console!

Preorder your own here: https://www.gamestop.com/nintendo-3ds/consoles/new-nintendo-2ds-xl-hylian-shield-edition-only-at-gamestop/163307