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“The Guild” Season 6 Episode 1 Review

Caliburn24 here.

Season Six of The Guild is here.  Check Youtube or The Guild website to watch the streaming episodes.  The series follows Cyd Sherman played by Felicia Day who goes by the online gamer name Codex.  Day has created the show and also writes it (Ginger Power!).  She falls in with an online fantasy gamer group, the Knights of Good.  They are nominally led by Vork (Jeff Lewis, comedian extraordinaire), the man who knows how to scrip and save, with his now roommate Zaboo (played by the always funny Sandeep Parikh) who has an on again off again infatuation with Codex.  The other members of the Guild are Clara played by Robin Thorsen who is a mother of a brood that she almost neglects yet still manages to be lovable, the younger members of the Guild, Bladezz, played by Vincent Caso, who has won some internet fame as the Cheesy Pirate, and the always lovely Tinkerballa, played with wit by Amy Okuda, who has most men wrapped around her little finger.  All together, the cast is one of the most fun ensembles, and their relentless convention appearances show their dedication not only to the show, but their fans.

The first season had Zaboo stalking Cyd and he was really trying to escape from his mother.  The Guild is formed and the characters are inseperable from each other.  Season 2 has Cyd interested in her neighbor Wade and it ends with Zaboo kissing Wade’s girlfriend Riley.  A rival group is introduced in Season 3, the Axis of Anarchy, led by the devious Fawkes played by the always sinister Wil Wheaton.  Riley becomes obsessed with Zaboo and she eventually leaves him.  The Guild is saved and Cyd ends up with Fawkes.  The relationships explode in Season 4.  Cyd sees her night with Fawkes as a mistake and Vork gets involved with Zaboo’s mother.  Bladezz starts his Cheesybeards career and the season ends with the Kevinator (Simon Helberg from Big Bang Theory) inviting them to the MegaGameORama-Con (filmed at the Long Beach Comic Con).  Season 5 is filled with surprise cameos at the convention.  It is probably the best representation of a convention on film, poking fun at the convention scene, but respectful at the same time.  At the end of the season, the creator of the game, Floyd takes Cyd’s criticism and offers her a job.

Episode 1, “Dream Questline”, opens like every episode with Cyd talking to the viewers on her webcam.  Cyd always is cheerful and says that she is starting her first day at her “dream job.”  The new show opening now has sleek animation and a theme song out of a Sergio Leone western.  Then, we catch up to Tinkerbella in a bikini next to a pool.  Bladezz is concerned that she should be worried about her mid-terms, but Tink has it all seemingly under control.  She is at a pool because some “dumb guy let her in.”  Zaboo gets emotional over Cyd’s first day.  Clara sees her husband who is concerned that she left her family to go to the convention without telling anyone.  She says that she is taking her family responsibilities seriously including dying her hair.  Then, Clara has her daughter prepare her latte.  Zaboo quickly tells Cyd that he made her a pbj and banana sandwich and placed it in her refrigerator by slipping in her window.  Vork has prepared a guest room for his lady, Madeline, the former actress of the sci fi show Time Rings.  She was played last season by Erin Gray.

Zaboo feels everyone is abandoning him and ends up sucking his thumb.  Bladezz is confronted by the Axis of Anarchy member who is dating his mother and wants him kicked out of the garage where Bladezz has his gaming hangout.  Things fall apart for Tinkerbella too.  Her mechanic wants her to pay instead of working for her smile.  A worker tries to kick out Tink and she responds by pushing him into the pool.  Cyd pulls up to the gaming company parking lot.  Floyd is worried reading online comments especially the convention banner that was said to look like a “middle school Ren faire.”  Floyd gives Cyd a buzzer in case he needs her.  They pass a dragon statue and then enter the company building.  Cyd is delighted to see the game company and passes a dragon that looks incredibly like the one in the Sword and Laser show.  She stops to look at the uniform that looks like the Codex outfit in the “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” video.

Floyd introduces Cyd to the COO, Theodora, who threatens to sue Cyd over anything she hears.  He then introduces her to Donovan, his nephew, who is constantly working out.  Cyd likes a cubicle and Floyd gives it to her taking the cubicle away from the guy working there or he will put him on forum duty.  He yells to everyone to stand up and says that they should give everything to Cyd that she asks for or he will force them to fight with “0 DPS spoons” and get fired.  Floyd walks away with his colleague Mike to discuss a dinner.  The episode ends with an angry worker who confronts Cyd about her lost parking spot.  Every episode is just a few minutes, this one clocks in at 7 minutes, 50 seconds, so you can watch a season in an afternoon.  Better yet pick up the DVDs since they have extras.

– Kyleaka Caliburn24