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It’s been two years after mob hitman Jackie Estacado has discovered that he’s the heir to the ancient force of destruction known as the Darkness and gotten his revenge for the murder of his girlfriend Jenny. What’s a once killer for hire now mob boss able to wield the powers of the dark to do now? Publisher 2K Games and developer Digital Extremes puts players back into the shoes of Jackie Estacado after an attempt on his life by a mysterious organization known as the Brotherhood led by the Crippled Man. And if that wasn’t enough the power of the Darkness itself wants to be let loose from its master.

Fans of the first Darkness will have quite a bit of new tricks to learn this time around. One is which is Quad-Wielding the ability to simultaneously use four different weapons at once. What is this quad-wielding mean for you? It means that Jackie can simultaneously fire a weapon in each hand while wielding the Darkness to slash, grab, and throw objects and enemies for some bloody limb tearing action. Other abilities include Gun Channel which allows players to use the Darkness to power up their firearms  with special features such as unlimited ammo for a period of time or see and shoot through solid walls.

Facing off against Jackie are the before mentioned Brotherhood which had been around for hundreds of years and have learned to battle the Darkness using its natural weakness the light itself. Enemies will be unitizing portable light sources such as exploding flash bags which will force players to think strategically to get past each engagement intact.

Players will once again wield the primal powers of the dark in Darkness 2 on October 4, 2011.



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