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The C-Word with Lua Suicide

Hey! Hey! Hey! As always, it’s Chris Salce (the one with the glasses, beard, stache and most often a man-bun) with an all-new edition of “The C-Word.” I hope your week has been going well so far. In this edition of The C-Word, we have a guest which you may know her from her unique cosplays or you may know her as an alternative model for the Suicide Girls, Lua Suicide! This is awesome for me since I’m a fan of the Suicide Girls and of cosplay,  hopefully you guys and gals will enjoy this interview as well. Here’s our interview…

Cammy (Street Fighter) photo by Jaycee Estella Photography

Chris: When did you first start cosplaying?

Lua Suicide: I started Cosplaying and modeling in 2012.

Chris: Do you make your own costumes? If so, which has been the most difficult to make?

Lua Suicide: I do. Sometimes I buy pieces and modify for example my Dexter costume I bought a lab coat and cut it to my liking and painted it as well! I think my most difficult costume to make was my Luna dress – although it is a fairly easy dress it took quite a bit of time to figure out how I would put it together. It was also my first time sewing a dress!

Chris: Has there been a specific costume that has just been kind of a pain in the ass to wear?

Lua Suicide: My warrior Princess Cadence definitely! It was my first time making armor and I made a few pieces too big. The worst part though we’re my feet armor. They were digging in all day and I still have a scar from it haha!

Chris: What characters would you like to cosplay as in the future?

Lua Suicide: Well I have a list of over 150. But my next 5 cosplays are Totoro, Vaporeon, Ashitaka genderbend, Rockabilly Rogue & Jigglypuff!

Chris: Do you have any tips for our readers that want to get started cosplaying?

Lua Suicide: Just go on out an do it! Don’t be discouraged by the big cosplays out there. Don’t be discouraged by other people. The cosplay community is a big one – but it is also one of the kindest communities out there! Whether you make, buy, commission or closet cosplay – we are all here for the same thing!

Chris: You’re also a Suicide Girl, can you talk a bit about what it’s like to be a SG?

Lua Suicide: I started modeling for SG in 2013. Since then I have traveled across the country and out of the country for events, comic con and shoot fest! (shoot fest are where SG’s gather at an amazing locations with talented photographers and shoot sets for the site!) I’ve been to several Blackheart burlesque shows, book signings and more… But most of all I got to meet some of the most amazing people. I’ve shot with photographers all over the world. I have friends in different states even different COUNTRIES. It’s absolutely insane!

I can say though. This site definitely helped me get over my own personal struggle with my body. I’m really shy in general & when it comes to being nude that doesn’t change a bit. I am quite curvy so I guess you could say I don’t have the “normal” type of body. Once I started modeling for this site it really helped me get comfortable in my own skin. I won’t bore you with the boring details but I can honestly say I feel great about myself and body now!

Chris: With the Suicide Girl Blackhearts Burlesque show, it’s obvious that the Suicide Girls have a huge love for the “nerd” world. Many of the SG’s are into a lot of pop culture. Do you think SG has helped girls show more of their “nerdy” side and not be afraid to show their true selves?

Lua Suicide: I really love The Blackheart Burlesque show! The routines are amazing my personal favorite is the Rocky Horror Picture Show number and Thriller! I could agree with you that SG could have helped it but I mean these girls love to express who we are. Suicide Girls lets us do that. So I feel like with stuff like our blogs, groups, threads, SDCC and the Geekology book you really get to see our “geeky” sides come out!

Chris: Will you be attending any upcoming cons?

Lua Suicide: I will definitely be at the following:

Castle point anime March 29th Hoboken NJ (Guest)

Megacon April 10-12 Orlando, FL
Booth #922

Wizard World Philly. May 9th

AC Boardwalk con NJ May 15-17


Anime next June 12-14 NJ

NYCC– October 8-11

SDCC, Dragon Con, Otakon or Garden State Comic Fest are all possibilities as well!

Chris: Now this is the question I always end off with, if you had to pick a super power to have, what would it be and why?

Lua Suicide: Hmm…I think I answer differently every time this is asked. Usually it would be flight, invisibility Etc. I think I would just like the power to heal.

I’ve seen Lua Suicide at a couple of conventions both at the Suicide Girls booth as well as just out walking around enjoying the cons, and she is always quick to say hello and stop for a picture. You can see more of Lua Suicide and her awesome cosplays on Instagram @luasuicide and on Facebook. I’ll leave you with some awesome pics of Lua Suicide, which she has been kind enough to share with us. This concludes this edition for The C-Word, as always, this is Chris for NTF saying “White Russian, no ice, no vodka… hold the Kahlua.”

Catwoman Photo by Jaycee Estella photography
DC Bombshell Hawkgirl photo by Mild Mannered Photography
DC Bombshells photo by Ron Ge jon Photography
Sailor Moon “Bōsōzoku Sailor Scouts”