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The C-Word with Cosplayer Tia Maria

Hey, hey, hey everyone! Happy hump day and new comic book day. It’s Chris Salce here once again, bringing you an all-new edition of “The C-Word.” This week, we have a cosplayer who loves the steampunk scene and you may have seen her around at conventions. Her name is Tia Maria aka Admiral Tia Maria. Here’s our interview…

Steamgirl Photo by Foto Photography

Chris: When did you start cosplaying and what got you into doing it?

Tia Maria: 5 years ago I went to my first con (Phoenix Comicon) and dressed up in a lolita outfit that gained a lot of attention… Its then when I learned of cosplay and that you could possibly make a career out of playing dress up!! Each year I kept dressing up and soon started doing photo shoots and being asked to model for artists! I loved cosplay and modeling so much that I made up my mind that its what I wanted to do in my life and so here I am… Perusing a dream!

Chris: I see that a lot of your cosplays have a steampunk element to them, what is it about steampunk that you love?

Tia Maria: I got into Steampunk when I discovered my Steamgirl.com boss, Kato! She has really been a major influence in my modeling… I love that you can take anything and Steampunk it! And the plus side… You can never really get it wrong!!

Chris: Throughout your cosplay career, are there any differences in the different states/countries you’ve cosplayed in?

Tia Maria: I lived in South Australia for 2 years and found that cosplay is quite popular in many countries and states in the U.S. Honestly, the only difference I noticed was that in Australia, a lot of people don’t over sexualize their cosplay much like Jessica Nigri and a few other cosplayers tend to do… It almost seems frowned upon which I never really understood but the caftsmanship is unbelievable!

Chris: What has been your favorite cosplay so far?

Tia Maria: I can never really pick my favorite cosplay… Its like picking out a favorite child but it usually ends up being the last cosplay I’ve completed since I’ve worked so hard on it and can’t wait to show fans, ya know? I’d have to say that right now, even though I haven’t debuted it yet, it has to be my Lady Mechanika outfit!

Chris: What cosplays would you love to do in the future?

Tia Maria: In the future I’d love to cosplay Urd from Ah! My Goddess! And I wanna be able to do something with armor soon too!

Chris: Do you make your own costumes? If so, which was the hardest to make?

Tia Maria: Yes, I make my own costumes most of the time and I’d have to say that they’re all equally as challenging as the last! Its not easy teaching myself new techniques or working with different fabrics that I’ve never used before so I really can’t say any one cosplay is harder than the other! They’re all tough!

Chris: What tips would you give to someone that wants to get started cosplaying?

Tia Maria: Advice? BE PREPARED TO ALWAYS BE BROKE!!! And recognition doesn’t happen right away… It took me over 4 years to get my foot through the door and it was anything but easy!! Don’t give up and keep pushing! It’ll be worth it, I swear!

Chris: What hobbies do you have when you aren’t cosplaying?

Tia Maria: I always say I’m a huge hookah lover and so when I get the time, I relax with some good music and hookah! I also love being a hermit so I usually stay in my room and play games, binge watch tv shows and sleep like a rock!

Chris: If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Tia Maria: Super power… Super power… I think I want telekinesis! How awesome would that be? Think of all the crazy stuff you could pull off! I really just wanna freak people out!

Tia Maria was more than happy to do this interview. She definitely stands out in the Cosplay world because of her steampunk take on different pop culture characters. Below are a few examples of her steampunk cosplays but you can find more by following her on Facebook.

This concludes “The C-Word” for this week. I hope you all enjoyed this interview and make it through the rest of the week okay. Just two more days to go! For Nuke The Fridge, this is Chris Salce saying “This ain’t reality TV!”

Steamgirl photo by Foto Photography
Spock Photo by Keyhole Productions Photography
Arkham Asylum Harley
Steam Punk Black Cat Photo by Peter Speyer