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The C-Word with Cosplayer Megan Golden

Hey, hey, hey! It’s Chris Salce bringing you another edition of the C-Word! It’s been about a week or two since our last edition which featured Joanie Brosas. If you didn’t get a chance to check out that interview, just click here. Now this week, I interview Megan Golden! You may have seen her cosplayed most often as Tomb Raider or a special version of Tomb Raider, in which she makes a great Lara Croft by the way. Here is our interview where she talks about her first cosplay, the pros and cons of the cosplay community and doing a body paint cosplay for the first time! Enjoy…

Chris: When did you first start cosplaying and how was your first experience?

Megan Golden: I started in 2013, after years of making my own Halloween costumes, and it was something I felt really excited about. I’ve heard many cosplayers say they were nervous their first go-round, but I wasn’t– I was Lara Croft! Lara Croft doesn’t get nervous! My first big convention was Salt Lake Comic Con in September of 2013, and it was so memorable.

Chris: Do you make your own cosplays? If so, which has been the most difficult to put together?

Megan: You know, I’m pretty eclectic with my costuming. I like making some pieces, and I also like buying things that I can alter and make work for me. The most difficult so far has probably been my first Thor. It was the first time I had ever used a majority of the materials that went into the construction of it. It was definitely a crash-course in learning! Haha.

IMG_3536 small-1

Chris: I’ve noticed you do a bit more of the Lara Croft/Tomb Raider cosplay. What is it about Tomb Raider that you love?

Megan: Everything. No, seriously everything! I grew up playing the original games, and she became more than a character to me– she became a role model. Video games are male-dominated when it comes to playable characters, and here we’ve got this strong, fierce, incredibly intelligent, beautiful female that gets to be the protagonist of your adventure. It was fantastic not only seeing a female standalone character, but having the opportunity to BE her. She was the first character I ever cosplayed, and I intend to make as many variations of her as I can. She’s a versatile character with so many costuming possibilities, and it’s been fun to embody so many of the qualities she possess that I admire.

Chris: Joanie Brosas who is a good friend of yours, I also had her on our last edition of the C-Word, she dresses as Tomb Raider pretty often as well, was the Tomb Raider something you ladies decided to do together or were you cosplaying as Tomb Raider separately and then you girls had that in common and decided to become a duo?

Megan: We had a cosplay event going on last year, and Joanie told me she had made a Lara Croft costume for it. I was so excited to see it, and when I did, I was blown away. She’s gorgeous! She makes a fantastic Lara. Months later, we thought it’d be fun to be “Two Raiders” for FanXperience this past January, because we both had costumes inspired by the classic games. It was such a blast, and it just stuck. It’s like, our thing now. We’ve started mixing it up and creating our own crossovers, one of which being the Darth Raider (Darth Vader and Tomb Raider) costumes we wore to Star Wars Celebration in April.

Chris: You have done a few body paint cosplays, how has your experience been with that? Is it a pain to wash off?

Megan: It was my very first time being painted! I was really nervous at the start, and I was worried it’d be awkward, but it ended up being such a cool experience. Going out of my comfort zone always feels a bit frightening at first, but I learn so much about what I can accomplish that way. It’s really freeing, and it gave me so much self-confidence. The artists at Naked Vegas are so talented, and I felt really cool being able to walk around displaying their artwork. It was like walking right out of a comic book. As much as I wish I could be Deadpool for a while, it had to be washed off at the end of the night. It takes quite a bit of time, but it’s much easier to wash off than I thought it would be. An hour-long shower and a lot of shampoo– that’s it!

Chris: Do you have any tips for our readers that want to get started in cosplay?

Megan: Cosplay has one rule in my book– have fun with it! The best way to start is to dive in. Pick a character, use your resources, and have a good time. It’s an awesome way to express yourself and show appreciation for characters you love, and as long as you’re doing that, you’re solid.

Chris: What do you like best about the pop-culture/cosplay/“nerd” community and what do you think needs to change about how certain people get treated in the community?

Megan: My favorite part about the community is how friendly and accepting the majority of it is. Many of us grew up outcasts because of the very things that currently bring us nerds together. The friends I have now are friends I wish I had throughout childhood. We’ve got a group of individuals that share a common interest, and that’s such a special thing. Unfortunately, there are people within the community who aren’t about making friends or lifting others up. They like to bully, harass, or look down upon fellow geeks, and that’s just not okay. We’ve already dealt with those types of people in the past, we shouldn’t have to be belittled by them now. It’s a “been there, done that” kind of thing. This needs to be safe, positive place where we can live long, prosper, and save the galaxy as a team. We’re all cool, and we’re all equally deserving of love and acceptance. It doesn’t matter what capacity of “nerd” you are– we all belong here.

Chris: Besides cosplay, what other things are you into? Any hobbies?

Megan: I love going to the movies. I love playing video games. I’m currently on a ‘Bioshock’ kick– those games are fantastic. I collect comic books, action figures, and recently, thanks to Joanie, I’ve started doing the whole Disneyland pin-trading thing. It’s quite a bit of fun! I love to travel, and I love to hike. I could spend the entire summer outside exploring the mountains and rivers here. Lara Croft made me do it! Although movie marathons are my favorite kind of marathon, I actually do enjoy running and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, too.

Chris: If you can choose one super power, what would it be and why?

Megan: The power to never fail! Does that count? If not– the power of healing! Or teleportation. This is always the hardest question! I’d choose healing, so I can end diseases like cancer. And I’d choose teleportation because I already feel like I need to be everywhere at once!

Chris: Will you be making any appearances at some upcoming cons?

Megan Golden: As a matter of fact, yes! I can’t say for sure on a few of them just yet, but I will absolutely be at Star Trek Las Vegas in August and both Dragon Con and Salt Lake Comic Con in September.

Megan was a pleasure to interview. She got back to me right away and was excited to be a part of this and I was excited to have her on here. She is a sweetheart and an awesome cosplayer, I know her cosplays will keep getting better and better because the excitement she has about not only cosplay but everything pop culture. I hope you all enjoyed the interview. Be sure to add Megan Golden on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @Megoland and on Instagram @meganxgolden. I’ll leave you all with some awesome pics of Megan Golden in some of her different cosplays and for NTF this is Chris Salce asking “Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?”

Tomb Raider aka Lara Croft
Tomb Vader
Thor bodypaint cosplay. Photo by Cosplaycorral
Joanie Brosas in Captain America bodypaint and Megan Golden in Thor bodypaint. Photo by cosplaycorral
Megan showing her love for Star Wars and Disney