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The C-Word with Cosplayer Joanie Brosas

Hey, hey, hey! Happy hump day, new comic book day or just Wednesday (however you choose to call it), It’s Chris Salce here with another edition of The C-Word. In this edition, I interview the lovely and wonderful Jonaie Brosas. You may have seen her this past weekend at Star Wars Celebration as Slave Leia and Darth Raider (Darth Vader and Tomb Raider mashup). Some of you may have just seen her all over the internet as Tomb Raider, Ash Ketchum, Princess Jasmine and more! Here is our interview, enjoy!


Chris: So you got your start modeling at a Star Trek convention, can you talk a bit about how that all happened.

Joanie Brosas: It all started with my first Star Trek convention in San Francisco. I decided I had to go all out and get Gold passes and dress up as an Orion Slave by painting myself green! I also thought I might as well enter the Costume contest and ended up getting 4th place! After such a fun experience I knew I was hooked! So I hopped on Creation Entertainment’s website and bought myself a weekend pass to their Convention in Las Vegas! As I was walking the convention floor in my second orion slave girl costume, a 3D company approached me and asked if I would like to model for their booth. I thought it would be really fun so I accepted! I worked with them for the rest of the convention as a booth babe and it turned out to be a great experience! One of the people with the company was a photographer, we kept in touch and he helped me with my portfolio. We made amazing photos that started to grab other photographers’ attention and that’s what launched my modeling career!


Chris: You have cosplayed quite a few characters but one that you seem to be known most for is Tomb Raider. What about Tomb Raider do you love the most? And what do you think the fans love about your Tomb Raider cosplay?

Joanie Brosas: Lara Croft is beautiful, sexy, yet hardcore. She’s everything you could want in a woman! She’s a total bad ass and I love that she can hold her own in the gaming world. The main character is a woman, and dudes still buy it. Tomb Raider is strong in so many ways, I really admire how far it’s come! I think fans like my cosplay because I put a more natural twist on her character. I know she’s busty, but I’m not, so I make do with what I have and make up the rest in my busty personality ;D

Chris: Which characters would you like to cosplay as in the future?

Joanie Brosas: Chun Li. I’ve started her outfit and messed up, so I’ve been struggling to get back to her. I will do it though, she’s hot and she’s a huge reason why I became a gamer! The other cosplay I would like to do is Shi, I collect her comic books and she’s just beautiful, I have no clue how to make her outfit, so I might have to ask for help on it, but I know it will look amazing in the end!

Chris: Do you remember your first comic book or “nerdy” experience?

Joanie Brosas: My first Nerdy experience was probably my days of mountain dew and pizza bites at 4 in the morning playing secondlife – if that counts. I didn’t have any real world friends and I liked being able to create a character that looked how I wanted to look and hangout with people who accepted my personality and didn’t care what I looked like on the outside. This was pretty much my gateway into gaming- pc, xbox, and playstation.

Chris: I see that you do some pinup modeling, is there a big difference between modeling in cosplay and modeling in pinup?

Joanie Brosas: Definitely. You have to be in a different mindset. Cosplay- you usually have a tough chick or queen of everything mentality. With pinup you have more of a fun and flirty feeling. I usually prep myself with a different music playlist depending on the character so I can get in the same mood as who I’m acting as.

Chris: Do you make your own outfits? If so, which was the most difficult to make?

Joanie Brosas: I do, some I sew the whole thing myself, others are pieced together from items I already own or things I find at the thrift store! My most difficult costume to make was my orion show girl. There’s so many delicate feathers and sequints, but it was so beautiful once I finished. I decided I want to keep building on it to make it better and better every year!

Chris: Other than cosplay and modeling, gaming seems to be a one of your hobbies of choice. What games are you playing now and which games are you looking forward to playing later this year?

Joanie Brosas: Skyrim. Skyrim is life. When I’m away from it, I watch videos on youtube about it. I look forward to the next Elder Scrolls to come out. I’m excited to see what Halo 5 has in store, but I don’t have an Xbox One, so it might be a while til I find out.

Chris: Will you be appearing at any conventions coming up?

Joanie Brosas: I will! I’m working on a convention list, and its growing! But so far I’ll be at Wizard World Las Vegas, C4 – Central Coast Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, Creation Star Trek Las Vegas, Salt Lake Comic Con and DragonCon! I can’t wait to see what others pop up!

Chris: I ask the question at the end of each interview: If you can pick any super power, what would it be and why?

Joanie Brosas: To be able to communicate with anyone or anything. I know it’s not amazingly super, but I think it could be life changing to some situations in today’s world.

And that concludes the interview. Joanie always looks awesome in her cosplays and I’m sure a lot of you will agree. I hope you all enjoyed the interview. I’ll leave you with some pictures of Joanie in some of her awesome cosplay. Be sure to follow her on Facebook for more cosplay from Joanie. For The C-Word, this is Chris Salce saying “live long and prosper.”

Tomb Raider Photo by Chad Faces Photography
Photo by Chad Faces Photography
Darth Raider with Megan Golden. Photo by Larry Engay
Princess Jasmine