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The C-Word: Cosplay Tips

Hello there everyone and welcome to another edition of the C-Word! As always, this is Chris Salce brining you some more cosplay talk. If you’ve read the C-Word before, you may have noticed that I always ask the cosplayers if they have any tips to give to all of you who want to start getting involved in the cosplay world. So with the comic-con season quickly approaching with Wondercon coming this weekend and the Star Wars Celebration a couple of weeks after, what better way to help you all out with your cosplays? So here are some tips from some of the cosplayers who have been featured on the C-Word…

Jeanne Killjoy X-men Legacy Rogue photo by OhHeyItsSK

 Jeanne Killjoy:” Start simple! Pick a character you love, and if you feel comfortable making it then make it. If not, it’s totally okay to purchase it.”


Courtoon Yang costume by Melvinopolis Costuming & Design, Jacket by Courtoon. Photo by York in A Box

Courtoon: “Thrift stores are your best friend. You would be amazed how much you can make from things from thrift stores. You can also learn a lot about garment construction if you want to buy cheap clothes to tear apart. Start simple and don’t get overwhelmed.”


Margie Cox Catwoman. Photo by Grace Moss of Bodhi Tree Photography

Margie Cox:” HAVE FUN and don’t get discouraged if things don’t turn out exactly as you’d envisioned. Life is about the journey, not the destination, so I would just really urge people to enjoy the moment. Take on a smaller project and with every new project, pick something that will challenge your skill set a little bit more.”


Latino Joker 89 Joker photo by York in a Box

Latino Joker: “Well the good thing about this day in age is that we have YouTube. That’s a great place to start. But if you’re looking for something more on the professional side, there’s tons of great schools that offer spfx makeup classes.”


Cosplay Claire Red Sonja photo by Jeff Zoet Visuals

Cosplay Claire: “Just do it! I feel like a lot of people fear doing cosplay, either because they are self conscious or because they are worried that people will think they’re weird. I say, to hell with it! Be weird. It’s far more fun. Cosplay has something for everyone. You can be whomever you want to be. If someone is looking to make their own costumes (which I highly recommend), try looking at thrift stores for materials. Fabric can be expensive and, oftentimes, you can find exactly what you need in a garment at Goodwill and just deconstruct it for your own project!”


Jillstyler Jill Valentine Resident Evil Revelations. Photo by Jonathan Durán

Jill styler: “Never forget who you are, do not be afraid of what people might think or say about you. And be patient and constant. Not everything is perfect the first time.”


Abby Normal Raven. Photo by AFK

Abby Normal: I mean even if your cosplay isn’t the best around, you just have to wear it with confidence. Be proud of what you made and people will notice!…You can never get better at making cosplays until you try and keep trying!”



Variable Powergirl Photo Credit: Strawdoll


Variable: “Rule 1: Pick comfortable shoes! Websites and community groups are a really good resource for ideas and suggestions, and a great way to make other friends who cosplay or are thinking of starting out as well. I usually choose characters I love, because I want to share my fandom of them and have fun when I cosplay, but that can be pretty overwhelming to start with. Sometimes it’s easier and more comfortable to brainstorm which characters or actors people have said you remind them of, and choose that way. Also, don’t be afraid to closet cosplay. You don’t need to be an amazing seamster, armourer, or prop-maker to cosplay, and if you’d like to develop those skills, they will happen over time. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, none of us are perfect, we all grow and learn with time.”


Lily Lovely Tifa Lockhart Photo by Manny Llanura


Lily Lovely: “My tips would have to be, to have fun with it. Period. It doesn’t matter if you know everything or nothing to making a costume from scratch. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed if you buy your first costumes from someone else. In fact, I doesn’t matter regardless. You are just doing it to have fun. Be who ever you want to be. Cosplay does not have a standard or limitation for just skinny or ethnic specifics for certain people, for certain characters. ANYONE can dress as ANY character. But, if you are trying to go more towards professional level cosplay, then it’s best that you do know how to make costumes,or even prop work. If you can’t do them, try and learn. Ask for help. If you still can’t no matter how hard you try. Then make sure you acknowledge the peoples work, and let people know who was the one that helped you. Give credit when credit is due. But no matter the level you are in, beginner or professional. You must HAVE FUN! Or else…what’s the point.”

Lua Suicide Catwoman Photo by Jaycee Estella photography


Lua Suicide: “Just go on out an do it! Don’t be discouraged by the big cosplays out there. Don’t be discouraged by other people. The cosplay community is a big one – but it is also one of the kindest communities out there! Whether you make, buy, commission or closet cosplay – we are all here for the same thing!”

Meg Murrderher Lobo


Meg Murrderher: “Just do it. Indulge in your geekery (whatever that may be) and love it. I see so much hate bashing online – be it about size, gender, fandoms. Don’t listen to that noise. Celebrate who you are and what you love and you’ll be incredibly surprised to find there are a lot of people who share those loves too. And please don’t ever hesitate to ask questions. Need advice from someone who has done something you want to? Ask. They may be busy and take a while to get back to you but never consider anyone unapproachable. Oh and google. Google is your friend. Double sided tape too.”

So there you have it! Tips from the cosplayers themselves. I hope this was more than enough tips to motivate you guys and gals. For NTF, this is Chris Salce saying “the saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” Now get back to making your cosplays and see you all at Wondercon!