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The Binding Of Isaac Is Getting A Card Game

Announced today by Edmund Mcmillen(Creator of Super Meat Boy and Binding Of Isaac), there is now a Kickstarter for The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls, a new card game featuring everything you loved about the hit dungeon crawler game.

The game is played with 4 players and functions similar to the video game. The card game offers to bring new depth as players must work together to defeat enemies while also individually obtaining 4 souls. The new end goal will offer more disfunction and chaos within groups as they must learn to work together while also sabotaging friends in the process.

Talking about the Kickstarter in the press release, Edmund Mcmillen described the experience:

“Designing this was fun and easy and I’m treating this as I would any video game that I’ve ever worked on. The goal is to make a very playable and entertaining card game that has a lot of strategy to it and embodies everything that’s unique about The Binding of Isaac.”


The Kickstarter, as of this writing, has reached over $300,000 within the first day shattering its original goal of $50,000. Edmund has been particularly excited to show off more surprises via his twitter:

You can pledge to the Kickstarter here. Stay tuned for more updates on this game.