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The Animated 90’s X-MEN Series Will be Involved in SECRET WARS

If you were a kid in the 90’s, you had some of the greatest TV programming at your disposal. We can talk all day about all of the great kid’s programming that was on after school and Saturday mornings but right now, let’s talk about the animated X-men series. The animated series helped Marvel comic sales sky rocket. The series featured tons of Marvel characters and it eventually made its way into the comic world. Now Marvel is making dreams come true and brining the 90’s X-men back with Secret Wars: X-Men 92′.



Chris Sims and Chad Bowers will co-write the series and Scott Koblish will provide the art.

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso spoke a bit about the series:

For many of us, animated series based on the Marvel characters, with their exciting and accessible stories, provided a fresh new entry point for a new generation of Marvel fans. Now, through the magic of our digital-only Infinite Comic format, the new Secret Wars digital-exclusive X-Men ’92 series will recapture the unique energy of the animated storytelling and continue to grow the legion of Marvel fans.

The series will begin in May digitally, then its first issue will come to print in June. Both will be priced at $3.99.