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Telltales The Walking Dead: The Final Season Will Not Be Cancelled

It seems the news of Telltales disbanding will see a ray of sunshine rather than a grim ending with a proper ending to its flagship series of The Walking Dead. After Telltales announced that they’d be closing down shop, it seemed that all hope was lost after seeing plans for several series’ such as The Wolf Among Us, Stranger Things, and others end production and that the same would happen to Clementine. Luckily thanks to many outspoken employees and fans alike, we finally got the silver ray of hope we’d been hoping to hear.

Skybound Games posted a special update regarding the series today via Twitter regarding the continuation:

Telltales The Walking Dead is a long standing award winning series following a young girl named Clementine surviving through the zombie apocalypse while interacting with several memorable characters through the harsh new world.

The ending will serve as a clear reminder that even though bad things happen, there will always something that comes from it. Stay tuned for more details soon.