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Telltale Games is Seeking a Different Company to Hire Its Old Staff, Finish The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: The Final Season could possibly get its much-needed ending, according to a report.

The report from Kotaku states that Telltale is negotiating with other companies to complete The Walking Dead: The Final Season using former members of their workforce. The report quotes anonymous sources said to be involved in the negotiations.

Apparently, work on the third of four episodes was nearly completed at the time of the studio’s majority closure, with work on the fourth and final episode just beginning. Ideally, the sources say, the entire original development team would return, but as former Telltale workers are seeking other employment, the negotiations are time-sensitive as a result.

The end result of any potential deal, according to the report, would have this separate company bringing former Telltale employees on a contract basis. Funds would come from this other company for development rather than going to Telltale, which otherwise could have been used to provide severance they did not provide to their employees.

Source: Kotaku