Superman Returns (Again!)

The reboot of Superman is on the verge of finally finding a director.  Producers Christopher Nolan (Inception, Batman: The Dark Knight) and Emma Thomas have narrowed their list down to five candidates.  The five directors are:

Zach Snyder (Watchmen, 300)
Duncan Jones (Moon, Mute)
Tony Scott (Man on Fire, Top Gun)
Jonathan Liebesman (The Killing Room, Battle: Los Angeles)
Matt Reeves (Let Me In, Cloverfield)

Whoever the producers choose, they had better do it quick.  If Superman does not make it into theaters by 2012, Warner Bros. will loose some of the rights to the Man of Steel.  In this case, the rights in question will revert to the heirs of one of Superman’s creators, Jerry Siegel.

Hopefully the magic Christopher Nolan brought with him to the Batman series will rub off on the rebirth of the Son of Krypton.

Up!  Up!  And Away!