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An avenging spider by any other name…
Superior Spider-Man Team-Up 001-000
Marvel certainly isn’t afraid to mess with the old adage, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” With Superior Spidey month they’ve aimed to wrench and hammer every little drop out of the Spider-man brand. Replacing Christopher Yost on the Spider-Man team up book Avenging Spidey is Christopher Yost on the new Spider-Man team up book Superior Spider-Man Team-up. Got all that? Good.

As you can expect there isn’t much that differentiates this title from the previous book outside of the title and the time of the month it lands. The focus remains on exploring the interaction between Spidey and the rest of the Marvel universe. One thing that the book takes opportunity of right out of the gate is Spider-man’s growing unease with the rest of the Avengers. This is an element we don’t get enough of in the main Superior series and Yost throws Ock right in the fire by opening the floodgates to every Marvel character. Spidey beats on everyone from Daredevil to the FF. The way Spidey pummels everyone from Daredevil to Cloak and Dagger in the opening pages; it’s obvious why Cap and the Avengers will hunt him down. Once the reader gets the idea that this is book is just Spider-Man hitting other heroes for twenty something pages, Yost reveals a logical explanation for all this and wraps it up nicely.

The flaws of the book will only be apparent to readers of Avenging. For a book that is essentially a continuation of a different series it’s a bit long winded in exposition. The cliffhanger at the end of the book feels a bit cliché for new books. Story wise, the problems weren’t enough to hinder my enjoyment of the book.

As for the art, David Lopez work in the issue is like a roller coaster. It starts out high with the early scenes featuring street-level characters but falls a bit flat when dealing with the more outrageous characters like Thor and Hulk. His style feels too loose and liberal to capture the action movie theatrics of larger characters. The warm tones of the coloring aren’t always should be for skin tones and even Iron Man’s armor is incorrect at times.

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up 001-012

While it certainly isn’t flawless, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up is a welcome successor to Avenging Spider-Man.

7 out of 10. Well done. An interesting opening for the series but with a few noticeable flaws.