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SuperMansion_OneSheet_KeyArt_Payoff_FM_800x1200Hey, hey, hey! This is Chris “the Scoop” Salce here and I would like to share my awesome experience of the Super Mansion press event with you guys and gals.

Last week, I was invited to Stoopid Buddy Stoodios for the Super Mansion press day event. The name Stoopid Buddy Stoodios may sound familiar to you and that’s because Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is known as the place where the popular Adult Swim show, Robot Chicken was hatched and now the same creators are bringing an all-new, very hilarious, stop-motion animated show called Super Mansion, which will air exclusively on Crackle on October 8th.

As the event started, we (the press) learned that not only was Stoopid Buddy Stoodios a bit of a secret location, (which actually made us feel superhero-ish, so it fit the event perfectly) but we also learned that we were among the first to be allowed into the studios. It was a pretty special feeling.

We first started the press event with the creators of Super Mansion Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich introducing themselves and two episodes of the show to the press. These episodes were literally laugh out loud hilarious.

Zeb Wells and Matthew Senreich, creators of Robot Chicken and Super Mansion. Zeb Wells also voices Jewbot and The Groaner on Super Mansion.

After the episodes, we had a Q & A with Wells and Senreich. The two talked about things like how the show came about, how the show is made and how some of the stars of the show got involved.

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston plays Titanium Rex and also produces the show. Wells and Senreich revealed that Robot Chicken alumni, Seth Green, was actually the first to play Titanium Rex until they had decided that his voice didn’t fit the role of an older aged superhero. So they then went out on a limb and gave Bryan Cranston a script to see if he would even want to be a part of the show. Bryan Cranston loved it so much and thought it was so hilarious, that he decided not only did he want to voice the role of Titanium Rex but he also wanted to help create the show by producing it.

Another really interesting fact that was given at the Q & A was that Stoopid Buddy Stoodios all started in a winnebago. The actual winnebago sits in the front room of the building and is pictured below.



After the Q & A, Zeb and Matthew took us on a tour of the studios where we went behind the scenes and got to see where shows like Robot Chicken and Super Mansion are made, and even got to see how Super Mansion is made. From the animation part to how the puppets are made and ready to be put in front of the camera. At times, we even seen the puppeteers and animators actually shooting scenes for upcoming episodes. For me personally, this was a really awesome thing to get to see since I was always interested in puppeteering and always wondered how the stop-motion animation was filmed. I knew that stop-motion animation required a lot of work but didn’t realize that it required as much work as I seen from the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios team. You can check some of this out in the gallery below.

The event wrapped up after the tour and it was such a pleasure to be a part of it and I thank Crackle and Stoopid Buddy Studios for allowing me to be involved in the press event. I can’t wait to watch more of Super Mansion on Crackle. Stay tuned for my review of the first episode, which will be posted within the upcoming days.

Check out the trailer for Super Mansion below.