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Strategy Guide Publisher Prima Guides to shut down in Spring 2019

Prima Guides is no more, the company will be around until Spring 2019 but as of now, it will no longer be publishing any new guides. Founded back in 1990, Prima released strategy guides for various game titles but with the rise of the internet and websites like GameFAQs people found less of a need to go out and spend an extra $15-$20 (remember when GameStop employees would hound you to buy one with a game for like 15% off?, I will never miss that).

In 2015, Prima acquired its biggest competitor, BradyGames but at that point, the age of paperback guides was long gone as more and more websites began uploading their own walkthroughs and guides for free. It’s been almost 10 years or so since I last bought a strategy guide, I remember buying a few as a teenager for mainly JRPGs like Final Fantasy VII, Pokémon, Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean: The Second Story and a few dozen others I don’t even remember where I put them but at the time they were very important tools aside from my friends sharing anything they might have found by accident.