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STRANGE MAGIC Q&A Interview With The Cast Members!

MV5BMjA0NjU3MTU5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTYyMDQ3MzE@._V1_SX214_AL_George Lucas along with his film Strange Magic made its way into theaters January 23rd. I had the opportunity to sit down on a round table interview with Meredith Anne Bull who voices Dawn, and Elijah Kelley who voices Sunny, an elf who’s has a crush on a fairy, to talk about making the movie. Strange Magic is an animated musical set in a Fairy Kingdom, brimming with color and fairies who enjoy a good party while the Dark Forest is packed with creepy creatures and goblins determined to destroy all the primroses, but the regions do have one thing in common – finding true love. During the interview Elijah Kelley detailed his close relationship with George Lucas, along with describing his experience in auditioning for the John Boyega role in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Question: How did you both get involved in the film and what’s your involvement in bringing this story to the big screen?

Elijah Kelley: I had the pleasure of working with Lucasfilms on a 2012 release called RED TAILS, which is the story of the Tuskegee fighter pilots fighting World War II. And it was a pleasure to work with George Lucas. I would say to myself, I’ll never get to have this opportunity again. But I did, and it was through this. Me, and Lucas kept in touch, and we continue to have a great relationship now. George told me about the movie, but I had to audition for it. Which I got the part, and now have this opportunity of a lifetime with George again.

Meredith Anne Bull: I actually audition for the part of Mary back in 2011. I said to myself, “Am I going to be able to do this”? Since I have such a high voice. Still I had about (5), or (6) auditions, and that’s how I got the role.

Question: How did you audition for the songs that where featured in the movie?

Meredith Anne Bull: They actually gave us a list of cover songs, that we could pick, they had (2), so I picked Michael Jackson’s Thriller’, and Madonna’sLike A Virgin’. I get to the studio, and they tell me that I need to sing ‘Like A Virgin’ innocently {Laughing} which was weird!, so I sang a couple of more listed songs. I sang ‘Love Hurts’ by Nazareth, and that’s kind of what the director said I got hired for, through that performance.

Question: Growing up, what were your favorite animated features?

Elijah Kelley: Mine was the ‘Lion King’. People asked me what I loved about it, and I love the resilience of how Simba had to overcome the death of his father. I related to the Lion king because I lost my father at 16. So it was uplifting to say, “Hey, I can still take over the Jungle”!  

Meredith Anne Bull: I was growing up during the Disney renaissance in the 1990’s, so ‘Little Mermaid’ and so on and so were my movies, but ‘Monsters Inc’ I love. Sulley, and Boo.

Question: If you had in your possession, the Magic Love Potion, which celebrity would you most likely sprinkle the dust on?

Elijah Kelley:  {Laughing} “Hey, man, you trying to get me in trouble”!, I probably make a safe bet with my girl ‘Oprha Winfrey’ {Laughing} At least I’ll be set for life with her.

 Meredith Anne Bull: {Laughing} I don’t have a celebrity type,,, so no comment {Laughing}

 Question: Do you have any current or future projects with Lucas possibly?

 Elijah Kelley: Uhm Lucasfilm, Not right now, though I did audition for STAR WARS, like twice, in the building, but as you know I didn’t get the role. This guy named John Boyega got the part. He’s a really great actor. 

Question: Did Lucas ask you to audition for Star Wars?

Elijah Kelley: To audition for it? No! The call actually came in through my management at the time. When that call comes to your door, you don’t pass up an opportunity of a lifetime like that.  Didn’t work out, but it’s all good. First time I told George, and Lucas said, “ You know how many Star Wars films there going to make? Don’t worry, You’ll be fine”! {Laughing} It’s all good.

Strange Magic is now showing in theaters and it stars Elijah Kelley, Evan Rachel Wood, Alan Cumming, Meredith Anne Bull and Sam Palladio.  Director by Gary Rydstrom