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Storm Collectibles announces new lines including Gears of War, Darkstalkers and World Heroes

Storm Collectibles is on a roll with their releases which so far various fighting games including Mortal Kobat, Street Fighter, Tekken and King of Fighters. Back in September it was revealed that Storm would be adding Golden Axe to it’s line up but at New York Toy Fair, there were a few surprises.

For fans of the Gears of War series, Marcus Fenix and Augustus Cole will be coming out in June. There will be a variant of Marcus will be a Gamestop exclusive which will feature an alternate armor variant with different paint and additional weapon accessories that include a fragmentation grenade.

Capcom hasn’t really done anything with the Darkstalkers series (known as Vampire in Japan) since 2013 with Darkstalkers Resurrection the series has seen various figure releases over the last two decades but more recent ones have focused primarily on Felicia and Morrigan.

Now Storm will be releasing a line of 1/12 figures and I honestly look forward to buying them all including Dmitri Maximoff, Lilith, B.B. Hood, Jon Talbain, Lord Raptor and everyone else.

Photo by Toyark.com

This one was a bit of a surprise as I would have expected Storm to release Samurai Showdown, Last Blade or even Metal Slug first long before World Heroes. Well, I was wrong but I am not complaining as Kotaru Fumma and Hanzou Hattori have been revealed at New York Toy Fair which you can see above thanks to a photo from Toyark.com.

I’ve been a big fan of Storm’s releases and look forward to adding to the collection.