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STING is Here…Kinda


A few days ago Steve Borden sent out a tweet on the icon Sting’s twitter that said “7.14.14” naturally the speculation was that the last piece of the WCW empire would appear on Monday Night Raw. With a Ric Flair appearance on the show, who better to introduce the Stinger. Well we didn’t get Sting live on Raw… for now. Instead it all pointed to a pre-order bonus for WWE 2k15 the video game.

Gamers who pre-order the game will get two generations of the Icon; the neon painted juggernaut and the cerebral Crow painted Sting we know today.  WWE.com posted a short retrospective for younger wrestling fans who might not know the legendary career of Sting:

One of the most popular and revered competitors in WCW history, Sting will be featured in “WWE 2K15” through two unique playable characters: the mysterious, ghost-like persona with trademark black-and-white face paint who was the face of WCW during the “Monday Night War” era, as well as his earlier look, sporting bright  colors and a blond, flattop hairstyle.

“The only thing for sure about Sting is nothing’s for sure, except my debut in ‘WWE 2K15,’” said Sting. “I’m honored to have my legacy immortalized in a video game. It’s showtime!”

Making his WCW debut in 1991, Sting generated worldwide recognition for his unique presence and in-ring prowess. Across more than a decade, he amassed eight WCW championships and competed against many notable rivals, including “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, the New World Order (nWo), Vader, Rick Rude, The Four Horsemen and Ric Flair.

“We’re eager to introduce fans to Sting in a compelling new way, while debuting the next generation of gaming in the ‘WWE 2K’ franchise,” said Chris Snyder, Vice President of Marketing at 2K. “Pre-ordering ‘WWE 2K15’ is the ultimate way to embrace the history and individuality of Sting’s impressive career.”

But is this really the extent of Sting we’ll see in WWE? Well if WWE licensed Sting’s name and likeness for the game then it serves to reason that the contract could have been very lucrative and included an appearance on television. The video that introduced Sting could have easily been a Titantron entrance video.Maybe we could get the WrestleMania match Sting’s wanted before he’s done with his career.

WWE 2k15 will land on the PS3,PS4,Xbox 360, and Xbox One on October 28, 2014