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Stephen Amell Comes Out with Hood but Will He and Neville Defeat Stardust and King Barrett?

The Arrow‘s Stephen Amell made his in-ring debut tonight at WWE Summerslam in Brooklyn, NY at the Barclay’s center.

Stephen Amell teamed up with the “red arrow” Neville in a tag match against Stardust and the “Cosmic King” Barrett. Amell of course came out with a hooded sleeveless jacket but it wasn’t a green one like some would have expected. Instead, it was a black one as you see below.


Amell took on Stardust for most of the match and seen a little in-rig action with King Barrett, which Amell got beaten down most of his time in the ring but did pull off some impressive moves like an enziguri, a hip toss and a cross body from the top rope to the outside of the ring onto both Stardust and Barrett. That cross body lead to Amell throwing Barrett back into the ring so Neville could finish Barrett off with his finishing move, the “Red Arrow” and lead to the 1-2-3 pin.