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STEEP: Road To The Olympics Expansion PREVIEW

Sports games are a thriving genre in video games, though there have been some sports that have not gotten love in recent years. Ubisoft has decided to dust off their snowshoes and create Steep, an extreme winter sports game that boasts a playable open world environment full of online playability and after our chance to try it out as well as try out the upcoming expansion, Road To The Olympics, it would be safe to say Ubisoft has created something incredibly fun and addicting in a sports game that I have not felt in quite some time.

Ubisoft was nice enough to invite us to try out their upcoming expansion that gives us a look at the road to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea as well as placing the player in some locations one would see during the upcoming event. Walking into Ubisoft’s event, neither of us have tried Steep so we were going in with the most simple question: is this game fun? The answer to that question is a resounding “yes”.

The first few moments in which we were trying to learn the controls were a bit tricky, but when the barrier of entry was broken, we were able to easily compete with each other to see which one would reach the bottom of the mountain first and I must say, I have not been that competitive in quite some time. Whether it was snowboarding for points or skiing to the bottom of a hill as fast as possible, there was always a moment where speed or move combos weren’t just enough to win and that complexity is what makes the game very rewarding even if the prize is just bragging points against a friend. Joseph Ferris(another writer for Nuke The Fridge) and I spent a while rambling while trying to best each other while also exploring some of the areas, which you can watch here:

After all was said and done, I was the victor and we were then able to get an interview from Arnaud Ragot, the games director, about what makes the game unique as well as some insight on the expansion which you can watch below:

There was plenty of content in this new expansion that we got to try for ourselves including some adjustments to the current game as well as a lot of new features such as rails and grinding. We then got to try out another area in the expansion, Japan. The area is full of rocky terrain which is a great opportunity for some cool moves. I found myself going down the same slope dozens of times to try and earn as many points as possible to reach the gold medal while also having fun on every attempt. The environments are very pretty, even gorgeous at times. Japan has an area full of cherry blossoms that just makes the area stand out and I found myself continuously going back there for more.

The focus of this expansion is to give players a virtual preview for the Winter Olympic games in 2018, and with what they have to offer, I myself am now looking forward to Pyeongchang. The Steep: Road To The Olympics expansion is set to be released on Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4 on December 5th.