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Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

When ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic‘ one of the most anticipated mmorpgs of 2011 hit the shelves this year Asian/Oceanic players were told that they would have to wait before they could join fellow gamers from Europe and America. But where there’s a will, there is always a way and these Asian/Oceanic gamers went to all sorts of length to join in on the fun in a galaxy far far away. They either found a way around Origin‘s online region locking or just went and purchased copies from Amazon in the United States.

Now the only problem they’re now facing is the fact that these players were from Asian/Oceanic areas and had to deal with a time difference of 16-18 hours if they wanted to join a US server or  a 10 hour difference on servers from Europe. And trust me finding a group to run a flashpoint or operation during Asian/Oceanic time zone was just a nightmare! But now these players have a reason to celebrate because on March 1st Oceanic  servers will be opening for players from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Gamers in these areas are also being offered free server transfers to these new Oceanic servers.