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Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

For those of you playing Star Wars: The Old Republic the next big update will be hitting the public test server soon! The folks at BioWare are currently looking for guilds to help test all the new goodies which will be included in Update 1.2 before it goes live. This big update will feature a brand new Flashpoint, Operation, and new Warzone for players go in with blasters blazing and sabers ignited. To participate in this testing they’re looking for players with max-level characters but sadly they don’t have an automated process for copying your characters over onto the test server. But if you’re interested in being one of the lucky testers all you have to do is follow these steps;

1) Put together a strike team from your guild of no more than 16-20 players (but 8 works just fine as well) who are ready to raid or PVP level 50 characters in the game. Those who apply must be willing to put aside playing on their other characters to help fine tune the update on the Public Test Server.

2) Ensure that each player patches to the Public Test Server and logs onto it before submitting team list via email for approval.

3)Ensure that each player has an empty character slot (7 or fewer characters on the test server) on the Public Test Server.

4) Send an e-mail to guilds@swtor.com with the subject “[Your Guild Name] Game Update 1.2 Testing” and include the following information;

  •  The server that your guild is currently on.
  • A very brief summary of your guild’s end-game accomplishments (in no more than 50 words).
  • For each participating member of your guild, please list their:
  • Account name (the name that shows up when you post on the SWTOR forums)
  • Account e-mail address
  • Character name of the level 50 they wish to have copied to the Public Test Server.

And that’s it! Also BioWare does warn that spaces for testers are limited. So send out your e-mail request ASAP folks! Those accepted will be notified via e-mail. In addition to the new endgame content, this patch will also introduce various Legacy features!

[Source: Gaming Blend]