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Star Wars Kinect

In an earlier article I’ve mentioned that this year’s Microsoft Xbox Press Conference really pushed the Xbox Kinect. One of the games featured during the press conference was LucasArt’s Star Wars Kinect. Able to track the player’s hand movements it puts fans of the series into the role of a jedi knight as he or she battles against the forces of the Separatists during the Clone Wars Saga. The game will feature two player co-op with the ability for the additional player to pop in and out of game play. Besides the story mode other mini-games such as podracing and speeder bikes will be included into the game.

While I would recommend this game for the younger crowd such as my younger cousins and such, those more hardcore will find Star Wars Kinect a bit limiting. But I was told not to worry too much as the build I played was an early build and changes can and will be made. Fans will be able to don the robes and wield the lightsabers of Jedi knights later this year as Star Wars Kinect will be due out around the holidays.


– MPsy –