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Updated and revised to clarify who said what.

As reported earlier by Nuke The Fridge.com, it was said that “origin stories” (meaning character spin-off movies) were being talked about around Disney & Lucasfilm. Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed the writers for the movies and it looks like they will be based on both HAN SOLO and BOBA FETT…..

According to Movieweb, these stand alone “origin stories” are being written by Lawrence Kasdan (co-writer of Episode V & VI) & Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand & X-Men: Days of Future Past).

We first reported on the spin-offs in February, when Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are writing the movies. The next day, we confirmed that the movies will focus on Han Solo and Boba Fett. MovieWEB

The Han Solo film is said to take place between, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith & Episode IV: A New Hope. The Boba Fett film will take place between, Episode IV & Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, following the bounty hunter on one of his most dangerous missions.

No word yet on who will play the young Han Solo or the young Boba Fett but rumors from different sites are saying that Disney is thinking about using Harrison Ford & a frame device, much like one that was used in Lord of the Rings. This just sounds like it’s highly doubtful but it would be pretty awesome to see Harrison Ford play a young Han Solo (somehow) than it would be to have someone else play Han. I mean who can do a better job at being Han Solo than the original actor? With Boba Fett, the casting won’t be as scrutinized as with a young Han Solo, the character wears a helmet most of the time. So, there is an even bigger range of actors that could play the part. (Bring back Daniel Logan!)

These films are set to be released starting right after Episode VII (2015) comes out and Disney’s plan is to release a Star Wars film every year after.

Source: Moviegoss.com, Movieweb.com

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