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STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Spoiler About “The Empire”

imagesWhen watching the end of “The Return of the Jedi” did you ever wonder if that was the entire Empire at was defeated at the end of the movie?  I mean they ruled the galaxy for many years and it seemed as if there should have been much more to them.  Apparently I was not the only one who thought that way because “Star Wars: Episode VII” may address that issue.


The JoBlo website is claiming that a “reliable and proven sources” shared with them a few details about the movies look, Stormtroopers and The Empire.

Here’s what they told them.

– In general the setting looks kind of post-apocalyptic with a lot of leftover vestige from the empire. It seems much more dark and rough than the prequels. The feeling was that it has not been easy in the last 30 years since RETURN OF THE JEDI, probably with a very long war to truly “end” the empire.

– There are still white storm troopers in action. The empire is probably not completely dead.

“Star Wars: Episode VII” opens in theaters on December 18, 2015.