Star+Wars+01+Ralph+McQuarrie+ScrapbookThe story is the adaptation of the original script as it was intended to be, before it was known as A New Hope. Right when you open it, you get that very familiar Star Wars feel, as it opens up with the classic Star Wars crawl. In this comic, the story takes place on The Fourth Moon of Utapau where we see a young Annikin, (yes, that’s the way it is spelled) as he is the son of a Jedi named Starkiller. As the Emperor vows to start a war, leading his New Galatic Empire against the Aquilaean army & the nearly extinct Jedi-Bendu, General Skywalker, (who is also a Jedi) tries to convince the Aquilaean council to start preparing for battle. Much like the way the wars were in the prequels. Starkiller & General Skywalker must find a way to keep the ways of the Jedi-Bendu going before it’s too late & they are all wiped out.

The comic was a bit short but very interesting seeing the way the original script was intended to be. You read a lot of familiar names but see a lot of different faces behind the names, along with all new characters that maybe you have just heard of. Based on the different ways the characters are shown, that alone, makes me want to keep picking up this comic & eagerly await the rest of the series. It will keep you entertained to see how the rest of the story will play out & makes it seem like there is room for a lot of different surprises. Overall, it was a very entertaining read & I highly recommend it for every Star Wars fan.