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Star Fox Grand Prix, and the E3 Rumor Mill

Nothing inspires an internet frenzy like “E3 season”, a  wonderland of speculation, anticipation, and increasing gullibility for whatever releases in the next 12 months.

And nothing excites more than a good rumor.

For context, E3 season is when the internet swelters around popular ideas and promotes the unfeasible. Demands can range from HD remasters (“Nintendo could totally port both Paper Mario games by Christmas!”) to abandoning entire consoles (“the 3DS is dead, focus on Switch”) to ending DLC practices without understanding the market-level economics undermining the industry (“So what about inflation? $60 is still $60”). Developers, in the eyes of gamers, either hate money or love money too much.

What changed this E3, however, is confirmation.

Half-Life 3 is dead. Kingdom Hearts 3 is near release. Metal Gear Solid is over. Smash Bros is confirmed. The Last of Us 2 is approaching. There’s a traditional Pokemon game coming to console. Metroid Prime 4 is real.  We’ve got a Spyro Remastered Trilogy coming. The mythological games we joke about are either real or dead.

In a space so fueled by speculation, we’ve got nothing to speculate about.

So when we’re confronted with leaks so stupid and so unlikely to happen, like Retro Studios making a Star Fox racing game, we’ve got nothing better to do than to entertain it. After all, we thought Mario+Rabbids was fake (turns out, it was a damn good game).

So let’s discuss it: Retro Studios might be making a Star Fox racing game.

The only proof we have is from 4chan (the infamous hacker), and a couple people on the internet who have claimed something similar. The photo is a printed press release featuring two different logos for a “Star Fox Grand Prix”, followed by file names to lend the rumor some legitimacy.

There are two possibilities: either this leak is a fake, or this leak is real. And in the age of convincing at-home-CGI, it’s not about looking real. It’s about the logistics of it being real. Reddit nearly imploded when the YouTube series Smashified revealed themselves to be behind a convincing Rayman / Smash Bros leak. The VFX detailed in his 8-minute timelapse were so thorough, it fooled even diehard skeptics like myself.

So it doesn’t matter if it seems stupid. The internet will flock to your leak if its convincing. God is either dead or alive, and we have nothing to lose by reporting it, except our credibility.

Would Retro Studios really return to video games to drop a Star Fox spinoff? Is Naughty Dog going to announce an Uncharted spinoff called Unkarted? Is this truly the darkest timeline?

I don’t know what to believe anymore, but in this post-truth world I’d like to remind you of an upcoming AAA title: