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Stan Lee Reveals That He Will NOT Make A Cameo in An Upcoming Marvel Movie and Talks Batfleck

stan lee

On the podacast called DweebCast, Stan Lee (the man who built Marvel) revealed that he will not make a cameo in an upcoming Marvel movie. What?! Yes, It’s true. Stan Lee’s cameo streak will come to an end with Guardians of the Galaxy.

Stan Lee says that he will not appear in the film mainly because he did not create the group. He also mentions that he’s not even sure who is in the group.

Stan Lee was even asked about what he thought about Ben Affleck as Batman. Lee said, “I think he will make a wonderful Batman. I think he’s much better than most people think he is. He’s intelligent, he’s a good actor. I think he didn’t do quite as well in Daredevil as everyone hoped he would but I think it was the director more than anything else.”

How do you guys & gals feel about not seeing Stan “the man” make a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy & what are your thoughts about how he feels about Bat-fleck?

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