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Stallone Ready to Make His Move with “The Expendables 3”

Blood and violence go hand and hand with action films.  Sylvester Stallone has no plans to change his modus operandi in his brand of action movies.  Stallone will keep making pictures with an R rating, which will include the upcoming action star fiesta “The Expendables 2.”  Way before the sequel arrives in theaters in August, “The Expendables 3” is already in the planning stages. 

“The Expendables 2” co-star Randy Couture recently revealed in an interview that Stallone is planning to produce a trilogy of films in “The Expendables” franchise.  The third film in the series “may” start filming sometime in the fall on the heels of “The Expendables 2” theatrical release.

Here is the exact quote Couture made.

“Probably going to start shooting Expendables 3 in the fall after “The Expendables 2″ comes out in August.”

“The Expendables 2” is currently shooting on location in Bulgaria.  The film is due in theaters on August 17, 2012.  The film will star Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Liam Hemsworth, Charisma Carpenter, Terry Crews, Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Nicolas Cage, and Scott Adkins.  David Agosto and Ken Kaufman wrote the screenplay, while Simon West (“Con Air”) directs.

Source: BJJ Addict TV