Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line re-imagines Batman as Spartan

spartan batman4

Meet the newest addition to Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai DC Comics line, Spartan Batman. Honestly if it wasn’t for the Batman logo on the shield and the ears on the helmet, it could pass off for for a regular Spartan figure, but it doesn’t take away from how¬†exuberant the figure looks complete with a pretty good arsenal of weapons for Batman’s disposal.

spartan batman3Who needs a Batsuit when you are covered in armor and have a sword, a few daggers as well as a lance on hand in battle. The Spartan Batman figure looks like a great collectible, even if you aren’t a Batman fan this figure just looks amazing and well detailed all over with dozens of ways to display it.

spartan batman5

Spartan Batman is set to release in arch 2016, it does however carry a pretty hefty price tag of $123 dollars.