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Square Enix releases an extended Kingdom Hearts III trailer, reveals game’s box art

Last week, Square Enix released a short trailer for Kingdom Hearts III featuring Big Hero 6. This week, an extended trailer has been released that delves deeper into San Fransokyo, while also revealing more of what’s to come in the third installment and I couldn’t be any more excited.

Also revealed was the official box art for Kingdom Hearts III, drawn by series director Tetsuya Nomura that features Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy and Mickey along with Axel, Roxas, and Xion from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as well as Terra, Ventus and Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep with Namine sitting by herself. It’s an awesome way to bring all the characters that have such a big impact on the series together in a beautiful piece.

The trailer also reveals a new aspect of Sora’s Gummiphone, with it he will be able to pose for selfies with friends and foes. I honestly can’t wait to see what type of photos I’ll be able to take with all the Disney villains!

Kingdom Hearts III arrives on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29, 2019.