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Spoiler: A DC Character With A Very Popular BATMAN Related Last Name, Will Appear on ARROW

Like the title says “spoilers.” so beware beyond this point!

Coming up later this season on Arrow, we will see a very popular Batman related last name & the woman behind it.

IGN is reporting that we will see an al Ghul later this season. No it’s not Talia as we would all hope, but instead it’s Nyssa al Ghul. Here are the first pics of Katrina Law (Spartacus) as Nyssa al Ghul.




Apparently, Nyssa will return to Starling City in search for Canary, because of the warning by the League of Assassins that “the daughter of R’as al Ghul” has demanded her return.

In the comics, Nyssa al Ghul was born Nyssa Raatko & was known as the love child of Ra’s al Ghul. Which would make her Talia’s half sister. She was the right hand of Ra’s al Ghul like Talia was. After leaving her father’s side, Nyssa came back to Ra’s & was given the Lazarus Pit which she used to survive until modern times.

Katrina Law will appear as Nyssa al Ghul on Feb. 5th’s episode of Arrow entitled “Heir to the Demon.”

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