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Splatoween Event Coming To Splatoon 2 This October

Get your costumes ready everyone because there will be a special kind of Splatfest coming to Splatoon 2 this month. According to Nintendo Japan, Splatoween will be a 2 day event in which players will be able to pick sides and acquire scary outfits by registering for the “Squid Research Center Communication” which serves as a bulletin board used for news and updates regarding the game.

With the event brings an entirely unique aesthetic to Inkopolis Square as well as new decorations for certain maps and costumed npcs.

The event will begin October 17th and conclude on the 19th. Starting on October 5th, players will be able to sign up for the Squid Research Center Communication. While players receive scary gifts from following, they will eventually get to choose which team they will follow into battle, “Trick or Treat?”.