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Spider-Man PS4 Is Swinging his Way into The Comics

One my biggest grievances with this year’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, was that my adventure would be put on hold after completing all the game had to offer. Even though there are three seperate DLC packages planned to release this year, mostly myself and other fans await a hopeful sequel.

Marvel knew this would be the case. Marvel knew we would love the game. So, Marvel deciding to bring Peter Parker/ Spider-Man into the comic book continuity. Starting with what appears to be his very own “One-Shot” book set to release in less than one week on September 26th. Followed by his inclusion in one of many alternate realities within Marvel Comics.

We do know that this plan to incorporate the latest muli-verse Spider-Man in the comics has been in the works for a long time. For those who need an update, Spider-Man comic books across all pages will soon be entering a special event titled “Spider-Geddon” and event across Marvel Comics that will enclude many (if not all) Spider-Man characters such as, Peter Parker from the main universe, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Punk, etc. And apparently this mix up of different universes, will be what brings PS4 Spidey into the mix.

The writer for this upcoming Spider-Man event, Christos Cage, also aided in writing elements for the PS4 game, had this to say about the upcoming inclusion…

“Since I have been writing for the video game for the past three years (along with the ever-amazing Dan Slott, Jon Paquette, and Ben Arfmann), it seemed like a perfect time to bring that Pete into the mix. There are other reasons based in character that make some of the interactions between him and other Spider-folks really juicy and interesting, but I can’t say too much without spoiling the game. It’s great story fodder though — this is definitely not shoehorning a character in where he doesn’t belong. In fact, it seems like an important next step for him.”


It appears that Marvel plans to keep PS4 Spidey in the Comics as well, with a variant cover for an upcoming “West-Coast Avengers” comic, teasing the bringing in of our newest Spider-Man.


This whole event is clearly a part of a big push for Spider-Man lately. He as a character has always been popular, however, I believe Marvel is planning on selling gangbusters of the new “Spider-Geddon” event.