The content never seems to stop with PS4’s Spider-Man. Today fans have been treated to two suits from the wall-crawler’s history with The Fantastic 4.

The first coming from way back in the day, The Bombastic Bag-Man.

This suit comes from a time when Reed Richards (leader of The Fantastic Four) was testing Spidey’s suit after his encounter with the symbiote. As to not leave Spidey suit-less, he was given an old Fantastic 4 Uniform complete with a bag for his head, and a “kick me” sign taped to the back!

Sadly, the “kick me” sign did not make the cut for the game.

The Second suit dropping today is The Future Foundation suit.

When the ranks of The Fantastic Four kept expanding, they could no longer simply call themselves a “four” so along with a new team, The Fantastic Four adopted an alias at times known as The Future Foundation. This suit comes from Spidey joining said organization for a short time.

More information on the suits, when, and where to download can be found here on PlayStation’s Official blog.

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