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SPARTACUS Actor Liam McIntyre Joins THE FLASH as Key Villain

E! News has confirmed that actor Liam McIntyre (Spartacus:War of the Damned) has joined the cast of CW’s “The Flash” and he will be playing a member of the villain group The Rogues.

McIntyre will play the villain known as Mark Mardon aka Weather Wizard who is also the brother of Clyde Mardon (the first villain that appeared on episode one).

Weather Wizard first appeared in The Flash #110 (1959)


McIntyre will become the sixth “Sparatcus” actor to join the DC universe. On CW’s Arrow, we have already seen Manu Bennett, Katrina Law, Nick Tarabay and Addai-Robinson. Seems like WB and CW are high on actors from the hit Starz series.

Liam McIntyre will appear in episode 15 as he will “make his way back to Central City on a mission of brotherly revenge. He’s seeking to get justice for his brother’s untimely death. Mark uses his powers, similar to Clyde’s ability to control the weather, to go on a rampage to find the man that shot Clyde…Joe West.”

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