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SPACE COMMAND in Production and More!

A new science-fiction series of features, backed by Kickstarter, entitled “Space Command” is currently shooting in the Los Angeles area. The series is written, produced and directed by award-winning writer/director Marc Scott Zicree (Star Trek “World Enough and Time,” “Sliders.”)

Writer, producer and director Marc Scott Zicree at the helm.
Writer, producer and director Marc Scott Zicree at the helm.

“Space Command” captures the dreams that space flight fostered back in the heyday of the space race. The bold adventures follow a dedicated group of scientists, soldiers and adventurers exploring and taming the vast expanse of our solar system for human colonization under the United Planet’s Space Command. Check out the images!

Space Command6

Space Command

Space Command1

Space Command5

Space Command4

Space Command7

Space Command3

Space Command8

Space Command2

The series is sure to lure a legion of fans not only due to the genre, but because of the talent involved. Some of television’s most respected names and faces in science-fiction television history will star in this new series. Robert Picardo (“Star Trek: Voyager,” “InnerSpace,”) Billy Mumy (“Lost in Space,” “Babylon 5,”) Doug Jones (“Hellboy,” “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “The Strain,”) Mira Furlan (“Babylon 5,” “Lost,”) Dean Haglund (“The X-Files,” “The Lone Gunmen,”) Ethan Phillips (“Star Trek: Voyager,” “Benson,”) and Armin Shimerman (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Buffy”) round out the cast of notables. Fresh faces and newcomers include: Sara Maraffino (“Borderlands,” “The Mentalist,”) Katharine Lee McEwan (“Alien Armageddon,” “Clubhouse,”) Christina Moses (“Head Case,” “Nikita,”) Jelena Mrdja (“Here and There,” “Her Velvet Underground,”) Ed De la Pena, Aaron Gaffey (“Jackhammer Massacre,” “Joshua,”) Bryan McClure (“Dirty Cues,”) Ethan McDowell (“Cain,” “West Divided,”) Elle Viane Sonnet (“Mighty Med,”) Coley Speaks (“Sons of Anarchy,” “Cold Case,”) and Justin Sorvillo (“Mixed Feelings,” “Split.”)

No announcement has been made as to when and where the first episode will air.

Stay tuned!

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