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As political correctness moves the human race closer to extinction, the producers for Comedy Central’s “South Park” are chiming in on the debate concerning the controversial Washington Redskins name. In the season-18 promo, animated versions of owner Dan Snyder and recently injured quarterback Robert Griffin III plead with Eric Cartman to stop using the team’s name for his business. Whatever that business might be.

Cartman Redskins

In the episode, Snyder’s caricature is angry and doesn’t appreciate the situation Cartman has levied against the NFC East team’s name. Now, it seems the tables are turned. Check out the preview. 

The comedy series has sparked controversy in the past due to its storylines playing out parodies of topical stories that are greatly in contention. A 2010 episode that addressed the depiction of Muhammad created an uproar, which caused the show to be banned Sri Lanka.

“South Park” was recently picked up by Hulu for exclusive streaming rights. The long-running series was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and will have its 18th season premiere on Wednesday, September 24th on Comedy Central.

Source: thehollywoodreporter

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