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South Park: Stick of Truth Review




South Park: A great show, a great movie, now a great game.

As a casual South Park fan and even less of a JRPG fan; my expectations for Stick of Truth were minimal at best. Fourteen hours later Matt, Trey, and game developer Obsidian have made me a believer. To simplify what the next 300 words are going to explain; go out and buy this game right now.

The story behind Stick of Truth is an off shoot of the shows infamous “Black Friday” story arc. Colorado’s favorite kids are split into their Larping factions, Cartman’s Humans and Kyle’s Elves. You’ll play in the shoes of a new kid who through an extraordinary series of events has to end up saving the world. Just about every character the show has ever had makes an appearance in the town, from Butters to Starvin Marvin. Diehard fans of the show will be able to spend countless hours going through every nuance that has been meticulously placed in this game. My first two hours with the game were spent just exploring the town and going through every kids house (Make sure you go through Stan’s closet).

Stick of Truth’s gameplay is a unique blend of simplification for casual gamers and strategy for RPG faithful. Items, spells, and commands are mapped very intuitively. After about 20 minutes with the game you’ll have the basics nailed. Usually one of the reasons why turn based RPGs don’t appeal to some is their repetitiveness can get boring during combat. South Park’s universe of side splitting dialogue, character quirks, and over the top one liners keep the game from putting you to sleep. South Park: Stick of Truth’s best asset is in how it resembles GTA 5. Just like in Rockstar’s Los Santos, Obsidian’s South Park Colorado feels like a world where anything can happen. Your interactions with characters may not have the varied effect of GTA but they will shape who your character will become in the game.

Ultimately this game is just too much fun to pass up. For those of you who were holding onto your PS3 or Xbox 360 just to play this game; your instincts were spot on.

10 out of 10 South Park: Stick of Truth is the best TV licensed game ever!