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SONS OF LIBERTY Blu-ray Review

2ba7dee2e796ee780df9d68b85fec559The History Channel epic five-hour mini series Sons of Liberty comes to Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD on May 26th. There have been many films and shows about the Revolutionary War but this one goes more in-depth to tell the story of the men that gave America its independence.

Now we all know that when it comes to accuracy, we can only base things off of documents from that era, since none of us were there. The crew of the mini-series admits that it’s challenging to create a show about something that’s been documented by the people that were there, which all had different perspectives of the events. They also admit that the Revolutionary War has been adapted into films and shows a bunch of times, so they wanted to dive deeper into the stories of the men behind the war and see if there was any sort of “teenage angst” behind the events that sparked the war, since the “sons” of America where in their 20’s and early 30’s. What the creators of the show discovered was that all of these men had their own reasons for wanting their independence and that some of the men were like rockstars of their era.

The mini-series centers around Sam Adams (Ben Barnes), John Adams (Henry Thomas), Paul Revere (Michael Raymond-James), John Hancock (Rafe Spall), Ben Franklin (Dean Norris), General Thomas Gage (Marton Csokas) and George Washington (Jason O’Mara). All of the actors did pretty well playing their characters given that we don’t know exactly how these men sounded or acted like in that era but I do have to say that it was pretty funny seeing Ben Franklin as a bit of a rockstar playboy. He was Tony Stark before Tony Stark.

There was a bit of a love story triangle between Dr. Joseph Warren (Ryan Eggold), Margaret Kemble Gage (Emily Berrington) and General Thomas Gage and it actually sets up the very famous “the British are coming” scene in history, so the love story is actually needed there. For all of the action buffs, there is a quite a bit of it as you would imagine, with the series being based on a war and all. The action scenes are really well done and it gets a bit gory as the series goes on.

Bonus Features

With the blu-ray release, there are quite a bit of bonus features that make the five-hour series even longer but in a good way. There are three featurettes which all go behind the scenes of the show and talk about things such as researching the history, creating the era and how the actors approached playing their very famous characters. All of the features were very informative and helped make more sense of how certain scenes played out in the series. Also with the blu-ray, you get a Ultraviolet digital HD code. There is also a bookmark option where you can mark where you left off in the show, just in case an episode is a bit too long for you. Each episode is about and hour and a half long, so you may need to use the bookmark option a couple of times. It becomes pretty useful.

Sons of Liberty was a very good series and the blu-ray release is just as good. I really wish there was something like this to watch in history class rather than the boring films and old documentaries we had to watch when I was in high school.