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Sonic Mania Plus Announced, Coming This Summer

During this years South By Southwest, SEGA held their annual Sonic The Hedgehog panel in which they announced a definitive edition of Sonic Mania dubbed ‘Sonic Mania Plus’ as well as a physical edition. Sonic Mania Plus will feature Ray The Flying Squirrel and Mighty The Armadillo, long time characters of the series that have been missing for quite some time. As well as the new playable characters there will also be a few new modes including ‘Encore Mode’ which will change the way you go through the game and a new 4 play multiplayer mode. The physical edition will come with a whole package of extra content that will make any longtime SEGA fan drool over such as a SEGA Genesis styled reversible cover and a 32 page art book featuring concept art from the game. It was also announced that the physical version will cost $29.99 with digital owners receiving a discount on the update although not specified during the event.

Sonic Mania Plus will be coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this Summer.