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Sonic Mania Adventure: Part 3 is all about Knuckles

Sonic Mania Adventures is back with a new short and it’s Knuckles’ time to shine…..or to be exact tricked once again.

As the protector of Master Emerald, Knuckles is always on duty and in this new episode we see him constantly on guard before he is once again tricked by Eggman, we even get to see a few second of Ray the Flying Squirrel appear who is looking for his buddy Mighty the Armadillo.

Make sure to watch all the way through too, it looks like the next episode will focus on one of my favorite characters Metal Sonic.

Sonic Mania is currently available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam. On July 17th, Sega will release Sonic Mania Plus which will include a retail edition.