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Sonic Forces Hands-on Impressions

Sonic Mania did an amazing job of reminding me why I’ve been a fan of the original Sonic series for so long. Returning the series to its 2D roots proved the blue hedgehog is still a force to reckon with but it’s also not the only Sonic game coming out in 2017.

Next month, Sega will release Sonic Forces on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. While I’ve been a bit hesitant on this game, mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t really feeling the create a character gimmick being added to the mix, earlier this week, I had a chance to try out some of Sonic Forces new stages and see if my opinions on the custom character improved.

Sega recently revealed that not only would you control your custom character but you would also have a ‘Rental Hero” which gives you the ability to switch between the two characters at anytime. Being able to switch between your custom character and the renal hero has quite a few advantages since each one will be able to access different abilities based on wisps used. While I was able to play through two stages that used this rental hero option it’s actually more fun to use in boss battles and when teamed with Sonic rather than the character alone.

In a boss battle with Infinite, having to switch between both characters is pretty useful in how you approach the boss. Summoning minions switching to your rental hero who can encase the enemies and destroy them instantly lets you focus on Infinite directly as you switch back to use your character to deal damage from mid range with their weapon.

Teaming up with Modern Sonic, the custom character actually has some pretty useful benefits that lets you get passed or completely bypass certain areas. While Sonic can use his speed and homing dash to take down enemies, using the custom and rental heroes abilities can also have some benefits if you chose to.

Overall I’m still 50/50 on the custom character aspect. After playing the tag team mode I like the character a little bit more but still feel that overall it takes away from the game. I get that Sega wants to add something new to the game so it doesn’t feel just like Sonic Generations 2 but the created character doesn’t fit fluidly in what I want in a Sonic game, instead it feels a bit like playing Shadow the Hedgehog with different abilities and weapons except that it’s not Shadow but whatever you make the character to be.

The biggest draw to the game for me are the Modern and Classic Sonic stages. While there wasn’t a Classic Sonic stage to play, what I was able to play at E3 was more than enough to keep my interested especially the boss battle which was quite fun. As for Modern Sonic, what can I say but I have a need, a need for speed as the game features what you would expect just with now an addition of tag teaming with the custom character.

Sonic Forces releases on November 7th.