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Snyder and Fong to team up again for the Upcoming SUPERMAN/BATMAN Movie!

superman-batmanThe last we heard about the Superman/Batman movie was of course, Ben Affleck to fill the cape & cowl of Batman. Now the Superman/Batman director Zack Synder, has began to select his crew members for the Superman sequel. Superhero Hype is reporting that cinematographer Larry Fong has signed on to shoot the film, marking his fourth collaboration with Snyder.

Fong first shot for Snyder back in 2006 on the polarizing filmmaker’s stylish war drama 300, which proved a smashing success pulling in more than $456 million worldwide, not to mention a legion of new fans for Snyder. Next the two teamed up for their first superhero collaboration, Watchmen. Watchmen earned $130 million film mixed reviews & underwhelming box of $185 million globally.

Their third collaboration was 2011’s action-adventure Sucker Punch, which pretty much bombed & was their least successful movie thus far. Sucker Punch was largely loathed by not only critics, but audiences as well & ultimetly the $82 million dollar movie made just $32 million domestically.

Nonetheless, Snyder bounced back, having miraculously been offered to direct the long awaited Man of Steel, for which he chose Transformers: Dark of the Moon DP Amir Mokri for the arduous shoot that lasted from August 1st, 2011 through early 2012. Man of Steel earned an overwhelming $657 million worldwide, even with mixed reviews.

Production on the Superman/Batman movie is expected to roll into production in Detroit early next year. The scheduled release date as of right now is July 17, 2015. 2015 will prove to be a HUGE year for movies & fans because also coming out in 2015 are movies like the reboot of The Terminator, Marvel’s The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Fantastic Four, & Star Wars: Episode VII.

As of now, all we know about the plot of the Superman/Batman movie, is that Snyder is SLIGHTLY borrowing from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns plot but as Snyder has explained before, it will not be a complete adaptation of the Superman & Batman storyline but will only serve as a hint as to what we may possibly see.

Source: Superhero Hype