SNK’s Neo Geo Mini Details Rumored

Just a little over a week ago, SNK teased it would be releasing a new piece of hardware this year to celebrate it’s 40th Anniversary. Thanks to our buddy over at Spawn Wave, we may have just gotten our first look at the Neo Geo Mini.

Keep in mind, until the Neo Geo Mini is officially announced by SNK it is still a rumor but everything about it looks legit. 

A tabletop arcade machine with that classic Neo Geo Mini look to it, the Neo Geo Mini will include a built-in 3.5 screen and a single player joystick. The Mini will also let you output to a larger screen via HDMI and will also include ports to plug in multiple gamepads.

Here is a look at Neo Geo Gamepads. Designed to look like the original Neo Geo CD controllers, it’s a nice choice for those who like the feel of a controller over an arcade stick and let’s you play from a distance compared to the built-in stick. I’ve always been a big fan of the original Neo Geo arcade stick design and hope that SNK will release either a separate Neo Geo arcade stick or a cable that lets you use the original arcade stick.

Finally let’s take a look at the games…

While there are some games I would have loved to seen on the Neo Geo Mini such as Rage of the Dragons and Magical Drop, there are some really great titles on here including various years of The King of Fighters, six Metal Slugs, Last Blade 2, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, King of the Monsters 1 and 2 plus a lot more to keep you busy and entertained.

For fans of the original arcade machines, it’s a nice piece as an alternative to having a big arcade cabinet. No date or price on the Neo Geo Mini has been announced but it’s expected to be released later this year and who knows we may get our first official look at Mini around E3.